Conference Room Calendar

The calendar below shows dates/times that are NOT available. Find an empty time for the room you wish to reserve, then use the reservation form below to make a reservation.

Conference Room A can be reserved from 8am to 5pm.  Conference Room A is located on the ground floor near the baggage claim, seats 12 and has access to terminal Wi-Fi. 

Conference Room B can be reserved anytime.  Conference Room B is located on the second floor near Airport Administration, seats 12, has access to terminal Wi-Fi, speaker phone and connectivity to project to a digital screen.  Laptop not provided users must bring their own.

Conference Room A & B reservations are $50 for less than 4 hours, $100 for greater than 4 hours. You will be billed at the end of the Month.

To reserve the International Arrivals Hall and discuss rates, call Airport Administration at 585-753-7020.

Reserve Conference Room

The online conference room reservation form has been disabled. Room reservations are currently only available to airport tenants due to COVID-19 (no public use). Tenants must call airport administration at 585-753-7020 to reserve.