Upgrades and improvements are coming to the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport! As a result, there will be some minor disruptions and closures throughout the Airport campus. We apologize for the inconvenience, but are excited for the efficiencies and enhancements that will improve the passenger experience at ROC!

Construction Map

Passengers Requiring Special Assistance

ROC provides all travelers with equal access to safe and convenient Airport amenities to allow for stress-free travel by passengers of all physical abilities.  Recently, the Airport teamed up with the Arc of Monroe and TSA to offer a new program: ROC Your Flight - see below to learn more about this program.  Also listed below are services and resources available to assist passengers:

ROC Your Flight with Arc & TSA

ROC Your Flight allows travelers with special needs the opportunity to experience first-hand the Airport and the passenger security screening process prior to flying from ROC. Passengers, their family and caregivers can benefit from ROC Your Flight by learning in advance what services are available to them when they travel. This early introduction to the airport process is intended to help ease any apprehensions those with special needs and their families may have about traveling by air.

The program is held on a week night and participants are given an introduction to the program and undergo passenger security screening in the checkpoint.  This program gives participants an opportunity to become familiar and confident in their new air travel experience.

For more information, or to sign up for a course date listed below, contact the Arc of Monroe at 585-672-2222 or email mfico@arcmonroe.org.

Upcoming Proposed Course Dates for 2024:

  • June 27, 2024 @ 4:30 pm (Thursday)

*Please be sure to sign up no later than 1 week prior to the scheduled course offering.


Before You Arrive at the Airport

Inform your airline of your particular needs so that they can put the information in your reservation.  This includes pre-arranging wheelchair assistance, visual or hearing assistance, service animals and pets etc.  If you would like to arrange for assistance with passenger screening please call TSA Cares using the link here attached.


There are reserved accessible parking spaces for travelers with disabilities in all of the Airport operated parking lots. Official designation on license plates or other official documents issued by a municipality (state, county, town) must be prominently displayed. In addition, Airport Shuttle Buses are equipped to assist passengers in wheelchairs providing them with service from their car door to the ticketing lobby.

Departing Flights

Skycaps are available to assist departing passengers with wheelchair and luggage assistance from the curbside to the ticketing lobby. Please use the "Press for Assistance" buttons on the columns of the departures roadway for wheelchair assistance.

Arriving Flights

Remember to inform your airline at least 24 hours in advance of travel of your particular needs.  The airline is responsible for arranging for wheelchair assistance from the gate to the baggage claim through Skycap services.

Inside the Airport

The following services can be located within the Airport. Click here for the terminal map.


Passengers who need wheelchair assistance when they arrive at ROC may use the "press for assistance" buttons located along the upper level roadway (see photo above next to departing flights).

Passengers need to arrange directly with their airline for wheelchair assistance at connections or their final destination arrival. This may be done by calling the airlines 1-800 number.


All restrooms in the terminal have a larger stall and lower accessories such as sinks, mirrors and hand dryers to accommodate wheelchair users and children.  All restroom signage is marked in Braille for the visually impaired.  All restrooms also have a family restroom available for passengers.


Elevators are located inside of all three terminal doors on both the upper & lower level of the terminal. Elevators are also located on each of the Concourses for boarding purposes.

Telephone/TTY Services

Payphones are located throughout the Airport for passengers. At every phone bank there are TTY phones for deaf and hard of hearing passengers.  Each phone includes a keyboard and all payphones have speaker adjustments to assist passengers with varying degrees of hearing loss.  One payphone at each bank is lowered for accessibility.

Phone banks can be found: At the lower east and west entrances to the baggage claim, inside the Public Airfield Viewing Area adjacent to the ticketing lobby, adjacent to the Concourse B waiting area, on Concourse A across from the bar, on Concourse B across from the Hudson News Store.

Hearing Loops & Counter Loops

Hearing loops and counter loops have been installed at all airline and car rental counters, food and beverage concessions and airline gate counters to assist passengers who use hearing devices. These locations are marked throughout ROC with hearing loop signage.

Smart LED Lighting

Visual cues using “smart” color-coded LED lighting has been integrated with the flight information display system to convey gate activity.  Color shift lighting in the gate areas directs passenger’s attention to key messaging such as boarding or emergency messaging.

Aira Airport Network

ROC Airport has joined the Aira Network to improve access for blind and low vision travelers.  Passengers are now able to access visual information on-demand from a remote Aira agent, free of charge, while at the Airport. Blind and low-vision passengers can download the Aira app on their smartphone and use it to connect to a highly-trained, remotely-located agent to access visual information on-demand.  The agent, who makes use of live video stream, GPS, maps and other web-based data provides real-time information to empower blind and low-vision travelers to navigate and experience the airport on their own terms and time.  Passengers can download the app for free at www.aira.io/app and use it at ROC, while existing Aira subscribers will also have free access at the Airport.  More information on Aira is available through the company website at www.aira.io/how-it-works.

Language Interpreting

The Airport maintains a list of employees who speak second languages. For language assistance, these employees have volunteered to be called upon to assist at any time.

Service Dog Relief Areas

There are two areas outside the lower level at each end for traveling animals. These grassy areas, marked with designated signage are equipped with bags for cleanup. There is also a service animal relief area located post-security on Concourse A.

Free WiFi

Wireless Internet is free of charge and can be accessed on the upper level from Concourse A through the food court/main terminal area to Concourse B.

Smarte Cart Rental

Luggage cart dispensers are located in the baggage claim area. They may be rented for $4 each with a rebate of $0.25 cents upon return of the cart. The dispensers also accept credit cards.

Traveler Assistance

House Phones are located throughout the Airport for traveler assistance. Airport Dispatchers are on call 24/7 to assist passengers with way finding or other assistance issues they may encounter while in our facility.